Sunday, August 19, 2012

Family, friends and lady balls... a birthday to be grateful for!

I turned 44 years old last Tuesday. I’m at that age that when I feel a little warm, I’m worried I’m having a hot flush. It’s the time when you realise you probably have no decent eggs left to conceive, even if you want to. It’s also an age when you realise all the crap you worried about in your 30s is just that, crap, and there are so many more significant issues to be concerned about in your 40s other than ‘does my bum looks big in this!’.

On the big scale of things I am lucky. I am healthy. I know where I will sleep each night, I wake up to a meal each day, and I am surrounded by people who love, respect and care for me. I have a purpose in my day and I get excited about the work I do, whether it’s paid or not. I am grateful most days for my lot, for my life and for those who share it with me. But birthdays for me are a time for greater reflection. It’s a time I consider the year just gone by and the one that’s staring me fair and square in the blue eyes.

This week, while I listened to numerous versions of happy birthday sung lovingly to me on my voicemail, I was also reminded of those I didn’t hear from. The friends and family I have lost contact with over the past 12 months, the past few years. The silence around this time of year is deafening, and sometimes it stings, and I did nurse a heavy heart as I thought about this fact. It’s a sad reminder sometimes of life’s hectic schedules, but also that life is a series of cycles, some end and new ones begin. As I get older, I appreciate more those who continue to share my journey, love me unconditionally and offer me their friendship. Some of them are below, and this blog is about showing them my gratitude.

MY FAMILY:  Birthdays are big in my family; they mean lots of food, laughter, numerous versions of the birthday song, some clapping experience my brother Mark has invented, and always cake, lots of cake. Thank you to my beautiful mother and sister who coordinated this year’s effort and to my brothers for their wishes, and to my handsome nephews – Matt and Ben pictured above – for sharing the day/night with me.

BANGARRA WITH A BESTIE: Leos are good at celebrating birthdays. I have a few close girlfriends who are Leos. My bestie Michelle pictured above, another Julie and my US-based tidda Dawn. We know what it means to ‘have a birthday’ and we do it in style. This year, I went with Michelle to see Bangarra’s latest offering, TERRAIN,  choreographed by the talented Frances Rings, and accompanied by the musical genius of David Page. Am loving my autographed copy of the soundtrack – another bonus to attending the performance at the Sydney Opera House.

TIME WITH THE GIRLS: I work most weekends, so I have no problem at all taking the day off when August 14 rolls around. And sometimes you just need some time out with the girls , so that’s what I did; with lunch at my old stomping ground – The Clovelly Hotel – accompanied by some of the best salt’n’pepper squid in the eastern suburbs, and a cup cake!

But because not everyone can take ‘Anita’s birthday off’ the celebration lunches continued five days later with my deadly sista Robynne and long-time friend and life-coach Geraldine (that’s us above). We went to Ventuno’s down at Walsh Bay, check it out. Sunday in the sun with beautiful friends was the perfect way to end a wonderful birthday week.

THE THREE AMIGOS: Without even trying we have a tradition of meeting on/near my birthday, even though Mark and Frané live in WA and Boori lives in Melbourne and Townsville and everywhere in between (he’s a true nomad). But I felt truly blessed this week to share another birthday with the ‘Three Amigos’ in our favourite spot (Pizza Birra in Surry Hills). Interestingly, one of my gifts was a dice (yes I know that's plural but it sounds wrong to say 'a die') with a series of words on it:   I keep throwing it, and I keep getting the same answer: CHANGE JOBS. I’m not sure what to make of it. Perhaps it is something to reflect upon on my 45th!

THE HEADLESS MUSE: It was lovely to see my muse this week. He’s a Virgo so we celebrate together, and he loved his new Superman jammies; we must now refer to him as ‘Super Muse!’ For those who haven’t met my muse before (actually I have a couple, he’s just one), you can meet and read about him from last year here, here, and here!

LADY BALLS: I’ve always thought I’ve got more balls than some of the men that come into my life, but let’s face it, you can never have enough. So thank you Terri C for my gorgeous pink lady balls and being a fabulous golfing partner – I’ll see you on the golf course!

It's fair to say, that the old adage 'life begins at 40' is true, and it just gets better! 


Melpomene Selemidis said...

Thanks for sharing once again, beautiful Anita, of your life, your vision, your passions! You are truly inspirational to an ol' gal of 45 like me. :0

Love and gratitude always, for everything. Blessed to know you and share in your fabulosity! :)


Dr Anita Heiss said...

Thank you gorgeous woman. We share a lot in common, especially the love of life, words and good friends. I'm glad you're doing this journey with me also. Stay fabularse yourself :) XXX

Unknown said...

I smiled all the way through reading that post. Awesome work deadly woman. I can only imagine what 45 will look like. ;-)

Deb said...

I love your positivity. I turned 44 last Christmas and I tend to go to the:
-I'm still single / I'm overweight and no one will ever love me
- life is passing me by / over and I've done nothing with it
- I'm never gonna have children and die alone (and be eaten by Alsatians...

kind of place, rather than acknowledge all of the good and amazing stuff in my life!

Thanks for reminding me of that.

Unknown said...

Belated Happy Birthday wishes! Sounds like it was/is a yummy celebration. You, of all people, deserve such a grand time.

Dr Anita Heiss said...

Leesa - thank you, glad to make someone smile today! I'm ready for 45!!!

Deb - I must focus on the positive, and the more we say affirming things, the more we start to believe them :)

Peter - thank you for your very kind birthday wishes. Much peace, AH

Emma P said...

Happy Birthday - what a lovely round of celebrations!

Laine said...

Hi Anita, glad you had such a great birthday week. Belated greetings and thanx again for sharing your reflections. Laine