Monday, October 24, 2011

I’m grateful for day 8 in Bris-Vegas

1.     THE MUSE: Although I took a roo salad into QUT for lunch, the Muse was on my case about eating properly. He grabbed a box of mac cheese, shook his finger at me and said, “NO PACKAGED FOOD FOR YOU DR HEISS!’ I’m grateful he has my best health interest at heart AND provides an endless stream of inspiration. Did I tell you yet he’s a really good sort.

2.     LECTURING: The greatest joy of being in the academic environment is teaching. It’s a different kind of rush to working with kids in schools as I watch them create characters. Today’s lecture to final year creative writing students reminded me of what it’s like at the end of the process of learning. I’m grateful for the opportunity to address students about my own publishing experiences, and I look forward to receiving invitations to all their future book launches. And I’m sure there will be many.

3.     BIKRAM YOGA: Ok, first up, I’m grateful I survived my first Bikram Yoga class. Secondly, I am grateful I didn’t have a heart attack, throw up or burst into tears – because they were all real reactions I was afraid might happened. Thirdly, I’m grateful that I stayed in the heated room and did as much as I could manage amidst nausea and dizziness, for the full ninety minutes. And I maintained my concentration and focus the entire time – this in itself is something I am incredibly proud of as I have a very short attention span. Hang on, I have some emails to check… okay back again. And finally, and most importantly, I am grateful to my tidda Sandra Phillips for introducing me to Bikram, for encouraging me before, during and afterwards. While it was research for my novel, it was also a night I will never forget, as it was one of the most physically challenging things I’ve ever done. PS I was also grateful for the vanilla bean ice cream I sucked down afterwards to cool off!

4.     WAGON WHEELS: I needed something to burn off in the yoga class so I had a Wagon Wheel early in the day, and I drifted back in time to primary school and bright orange lunch boxes and life on the playground. I’m grateful for the small things that conjure fond memories of childhood.

5.     FRIENDS: I grateful for all my gorgeous, hospitable, caring, generous friends here in Brisbane, making time to catch up with me, have a coffee and convo, and while helping me research the novel. I’m very, very lucky. Love you girls. X

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