Saturday, June 19, 2010

What I'm grateful for June 16 and 17...

1. FUNERALS: They remind us of how important celebrating life is. And being there for friends. Today I went to the funeral of my friends’ father. The service was in Spanish at the church and the cemetery. It was moving although I didn’t understand the language. We don’t need words to understand the emotions associated with loss and sadness. The day reminded me of the friends who were there when my Dad died. I will always be grateful for the support I received when I was at my lowest.
2. THE UNIVERSE: The universe can be a bitch sometimes, but mostly she comes good. Within hours of my major meetings falling over in LA I had invitations for lunch, cocktails downtown and brunch / shopping in Beverley Hills. Everything happens for a reason.
3. FAMILY DINNERS: They always ground me and remind me of what’s important in the big scheme of things. And I love yarning with my nephews.
4. OLD FASHIONED SPONGE CAKES: You know the ones with the lolly pink icing, like we use to get in the 70s. My Aunty Phyllis brought one to the family ‘farewell dinner’. It was like my youth on a plate.
5. SALT’N’PEPPER SQUID: I’m still searching for the best in the world. Sunny’s in Chifley isn’t that bad!
6. FORTUNE COOKIES: They nearly always provide some form of wisdom. Today’s fortune: You will find great contentment in the daily, routine activities!
7. LAST DAY OF DETOX: It’s over, and I’m grateful I’m healthier and I can eat what I like again – as alluded to above re cake and squid.

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