Sunday, March 7, 2010

Being grateful this weekend... March 6 & 7...

1. MY HOME: My bed, my couch, my shower, my fridge, my (sometimes alive) plants, my everything! I am so grateful for everything that makes my home, my home. And I’m grateful to have an entire weekend AT home.
2. MASSAGES: Head, neck, shoulders, feet, back, front - whatever. I’m grateful for the massage that left me feeling completely blissed-out. Is it weird to feel so wonderful at the hands of a stranger who is paid to run their hands all over your naked body? I wonder...
3. MORNING @ MAROUBRA BEACH: One of my all-time favourite past-times is walking to Maroubra Beach at daybreak. Listening to the Beatles I made my way there, walked the promenade, smiled at those having brekky in the Pavilion Cafe, joggers pounding the shoreline and life-savers taking position as the sun rose over the Pacific ocean. Perfect start to any day.
4. GARDENIAS: I’m grateful for the scent of gardenias. When I breathe in the scent it makes me think of heaven... wherever that place is. At the moment, it’s on my balcony because that’s where the plant is.
5. MATTO NEWSAGENCY LADIES: I’m grateful for the lovely ladies who work at the Matraville Newsagency. They always greet me with cheerful smiles, they save magazines for me, tear out articles – ok, they’re the ones I’m usually in, or are book reviews – and they seriously take an interest in whatever I’m doing each day. But today, I was especially grateful because my favourite local women commented I’d lost weight. Well, I’m going to buy them pressies this week. Too, too kind! Made my day.

Today's pic is the cover of the book I'm currently reading: Kathryn Heyman's novel Captain Starlight's Apprentice. Am loving it!


TEZ said...

Hi Anita,
there is nothing weird about enjoying a massage - under ANY circumstances !

I couldn't agree more with you with regard to gardenias, they truly are 'Heavens scent' , if there is a sweeter floral fragrance I haven't encountered it.

From reading your recent blogs,it sounds like you've been as busy as ever,
and from the look of the pics you are having a ball in the process !

xoxoxo Tez.

Dr Anita Heiss said...

Hi Tez - you are SO right re the massages, I won't question it again :)
Yes, having a ball and busy busy, and it's just how I like to be. You too eh?
Hope life is treating you sublimely and you are thriving.
Peace from the east, Anita xx