Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What I'm grateful for today...

1. ANITA HAWKINS: I’m grateful for my lovely, thoughtful, giving friend Anita [see above]. And NO! She is not Jennifer Hawkins’ sister, but it’s funny that people keep asking.
2. WIGS: They’re really good for bad hair days, truly. And particularly sexy when you start with a hair net. Gotta love that look. I’d like to build a collection of wigs so I can go incognito – or incogNITA – more often!
3. PATRICK DEMPSEY’S HAIR: Seriously, it’s gorgeous. It’s its own character in Greys Anatomy! I’d be even more grateful if I could run my fingers through it! He could sell his hair for wigs and make a fortune!
4. TWITTER: It’s where I get most of my news updates these days. You can follow me there if you like at TokenKoori.
5. INDIGENOUS LITERACY DAY (ILD) : I’m grateful to all those who generously supported ILD in 2009. The grand total of our fundraising efforts is... drum roll please... $377,000. I’m glad to be an ILD Ambassador and hope you will join us this year and participate in ILD activities. For ideas go to the Indigenous Literacy Project website. If you’re in Adelaide, come along to the launch at Adelaide Writers’ Week on Wednesday March 3rd.

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