Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I’m grateful for VD… (sarcasm alert)

I love Valentine’s Day so much, I just had to blog why…

1. Because I can finally tell the person I love that I love them. Lets’ face it, I'm 44 years old and I need VD as an excuse to do it. It’s simply impossible to say or show love to that special person any other day of the year.

2. I have an excuse to wear my incredibly skimpy red lingerie - which I might add - I look extremely hot in!  Every other day of the year I have to wear my Bonds cottontails (which I also look extremely hot in!)

3. Thanks to VD, I can eat all the heart shaped chocolates I can possibly consume without getting sick, AND my trainer says 'That's fine, after all, it's Valentine's Day!'

4. On VD, I can treat myself without feeling guilty. I don’t need to justify to myself that I deserve something beautiful to wear or smell or eat, even though I work my butt off 50+ hours every week, most weeks of the year. It’s like February 14 says, ‘Anita go spend some money already, buy something red! Buy some chocolate. Buy a flower and for-fk-sake, buy a stuffed toy.’

Thank you Valentine’s Day, I feel so empowered right now as an intelligent, strong, capable, much loved woman. I love you!


Marion said...

Hahaha! So glad you enjoyed your VD Anita. And here I was thinking you were a single woman that I could try and hook my gorgeous 36 year-old son up with if only I could get him to Sydney (or vice-versa). Damn! Now you're taken - and you'd have loved having me as your mother-in-law! xx

Laine said...

You won meover with the 'stuffed toy'!!

Cathy said...

I love it!!! My theory is, if they have to wait for that one day of the year where the reminders are obvious, maybe they are not deserving of my love. I'd rather be surprised when I least expect it. A bit like Richard Burton giving Elizabeth Taylor diamonds because it was Thursday ;)

Dr Anita Heiss said...

Marion - I am single, send him my way :) The post was sarcastic, as if to say at the age of 44 I need permission to say I love you on VD as if it's the only day I can say it. You'd be a FABULOUS mother-in-law! XX

Laine - oh the stuffed toys! But do you know, I still have a VD stuffed toy from when I was 17. I can't throw it out :)

Cathy - EXACTLY!!! Diamonds because it was Thursday.... works for me :)