Monday, February 14, 2011

Sherrice Thomas is grateful in Black History Month..

Sherrice Thomas is an author, publisher, public speaker and workshop facilitator who is inspiring women –including me – around the world. Today I’ve been writing about how and why I choose to be positive, and it’s because I am fortunate enough to have powerfully positive and thought-provoking people in my world, like Sherrice.

Sherrice’s book The Balance Finder, is helping women around the world better juggle their lives and loves and find, as the title suggests a better balance in what can be for many a life with too many commitments and obligations.

I have a few things in common with Sherrice in terms of our ‘gratefulness’ namely our writing, family and zumba… and her words below make me want to go back to California asap.

Sherrice is grateful for:
1. Jesus: Yes, I’m a Jesus girl because he’s the lover of my soul. I’m grateful for the fact he considers me to be a friend. That’s why I’m a radical worshipper, who loves to be in the presence of the Lord, where I find my peace, love, and joy. For me, my love of Jesus isn’t about practicing a religion; it’s about an intimate relationship. Without him, my life is not balanced and I’m incomplete.

2. My Family: Family is so important to me. They are my team and I love playing the MOM position. My husband is the hardest working man in Columbus, Ohio. He sacrifices everything to take care of me and our family. My oldest son is making his way through college with a smile on his face and a great attitude. He’s becoming a man and I’m enjoying watching his transition. My unborn twin boys won’t make their debut in the world until late spring. I can’t wait to see their cute little faces and give them all my kisses and hugs. I’m enjoying planning for their arrival and the idea of being a mother to new little ones.

3. Writing: Writing is such a peaceful activity for me. I write both non-fiction and fiction, yet fiction is my favorite. Why? I enjoy building character sketches, designing scenes, creating settings, layering, writing dialogue, and bringing out hot topics. When I write, my goal is to provoke thought and be a catalyst for change. This divine purpose drives me to write more each day.

4. Zumba: The best form of exercise ever. In fact, it’s so much fun, I still don’t believe I’m actually exercising. Once I tried Zumba, I was converted. Now, the ultimate fanatic, I even became a licensed Zumba instructor. The positive energy, hot dance moves, and major calorie burn will keep me coming back for life.

5. California: My favorite state in the U.S.! I love the people, the beaches, and the lifestyle. I miss the Fish House of Vera Cruz, the Pacific Coast Highway, beautiful orange trees, the smell of the ocean, jogging in warmth of January, the plethora of smoothie shops, fresh fruit and veggies, the wonderful trees, and most of all the beautiful sunsets. I’m trying to talk my husband into relocating so that I can be a California girl. Maybe Anita Heiss will write a book called California Dreaming.

6. The Game: My favorite show! I watch it faithfully every week and I enjoy each character no matter how much drama they cause in the lives of others. Kudos to the writers of this great show.

7. Music: When I hear music, my soul gets happy. The blending of harmonies and melodies form a perfect song to bring out the best in me. Music keeps me company on my commute to and from work and serves as my companion when I’m writing and reflecting on deep thoughts. I enjoy listening to it when I’m communing with the Lord. Plus, it’s great ambiance for those special times with my husband and even better when I’m simply relaxing. I like all flavors of music, including classical, gospel, contemporary Christian, oldies but goodies, neo-soul, international, and jazz, just to name a few. It’s best when served up on platter live and outside in the hot summer months. Sometimes, I sing. Other times, I dance. No matter what, I appreciate the art of music and its role in my life.

8. Yoga: Yes, I like to find my center and breathe deeply. Balance and peace are part of my personal brand, so practicing yoga is a perfect fit for my lifestyle. The best part is Shavasana (the relaxation time at the end of the practice), especially in Queen’s pose. I fall asleep every time and it’s quite wonderful.


Anonymous said...

Love this Article,cudos Sherrice and Anita!!!!

Keep the motivation coming!Anitra W.

Dr Anita Heiss said...

Thanks Anitra for dropping by, glad you enjoyed. Peace, AH