Monday, January 3, 2011

Banoffee pie and boys... I am grateful...

1. BANOFFEE PIE: I had my first experience with the banana / toffee / cream extravaganza at Sauce Bar and Grill back in 2008. It’s something I eat on every visit there and I am always grateful for naughty things on a plate.
2. BEN: Today I’m grateful for the Banoffee Pie that Ben made for me. Apparently he didn’t cook the biscuit base long enough, so it was a little like Banoffee Crumble, but hey, I still managed to murder the piece(s) in front of me. Ben's effort is above.
3. BED: I’ve had a wonderful few days in the Hunter Valley, and while it’s lovely to lounge in a king size bed, I am always grateful to be home in my own slumber land. I will sleep well tonight... ready for a big writing day back in the office tomorrow.
4. BREAD: Detox and high protein diet starts tomorrow, so today I was grateful for the bread (and wine) I won’t be enjoying for the next few weeks. Bruschetta on the BBQ was a treat I’d not indulged in before.
5. BOYS: I’m grateful for the boys in my life; the young, the old, the cheeky, the funny, the thoughtful, the challenging. They make me feel all the emotions I need to as a woman, sister, friend, and companion. And I love this quote by Robert Frost: ‘A mother takes twenty years to make a man of her boy, and another woman makes a fool of him in twenty minutes.’ Not that that other woman is me of course :)


TEZ said...

Hi mate, good luck with the diet, oh gosh-no wonder it's called the staff of life, I often think I'm a man who COULD live on bread alone ! I guess a diatribe on my favourite loaves wouldn't be helpful right now. Some other time perhaps ?

Dr Anita Heiss said...

Diet schmiet! Didn't last because in socialising and seeing friends requires food, always! As for the bread Tez, I always swear when I go to Europe that I will never eat bread here again, nor cheese, because it's just so FABULOUS in France! Alas, I forget soon enough and indulge... I can't complain then about the thighs now can I??
Hope you have a high carb weekend! XX

Unknown said...

In search of a midnight kiss!
It happens every time you have a slice of Anita's and Kutchie's famous Key Lime Pie. It makes the best couples happier and more loving of each other like you wouldn't believe.
I'll bet you'll get a lot more than just a kiss

Give it a try. We're having a slice right now. Good Night and happy dreams.

Will and Sara