Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What I’m grateful for in New York, New York!

I am so sorry I have been silent the past week but as you can imagine one does not want to sit in a hotel room when in the city that never sleeps. Since arriving on June 27 I have not stopped walking, shopping, eating, shopping, working, talking, shopping and most of the time trying to manage the heat... by going into shops with aircon! Here are a few things that I am incredibly grateful for in NYC!
1. SoHo – this is the place I eventually want to live. I love the community atmosphere and not wanting to be too specific I do know that a loft in either Spring or Wooster Streets would do me just fine, thank you very much! If you know anyone looking for a writer-in-residence let me know!
2. Grand Central Station – the busiest train station in the world is also one of the cleanest with two of my favourite pastimes: shopping and food! I love the hustle and bustle and just doing people-watching there.
3. MACY’s – much like my character Lauren Lucas in Manhattan Dreaming I am amazed at the size and shopping options at the largest department store in the world.
4. CENTURY 21: It’s called the worst kept secret in New York and is a designer department store where I picked up a saucy red dress and some Kenneth Cole shoes for a bargain. It’s down near Ground Zero so you can check both out.
5. WOODBERY COMMON: Ok, so I’ve overdosed on shopping here but this day trip from the Port Authority down to Jersey is THE BEST! It’s an outdoor premium outlet mall and I managed to get some fabulous shoes, jewellery and lingerie. If you can’t look good you need to at least feel good!
6. THEATRE: When I travel to NYC I always book my tickets to Broadway on line. I’m not interested in queuing when I’m in the city. This year I went to see the musical Next to Normal at the Booth Theatre about a dysfunctional family dealing with depression. Highly recommend it... and look for the twist!
7. ENERGY: There is simply no other city in the world with the energy that is on high voltage 24/7 – literally when you consider the lights in Time Square. It is impossible not to smile when I am here. I feel completely alive walking the streets here.
8. CENTRAL PARK: An oasis in the middle of the city, I love walking through it for the sense of peace at Strawberry Fields, the sense of culture with buskers singing, playing the sax or electric keyboard, and the sense of health as other people jog by. I’ve ridden the carousel and had a horse and carriage ride through the park. When in Rome... 
It’s fair to say that I heart NYC!


Unknown said...

"I feel completely alive walking the streets here", that's an amazing sensation not felt anywhere else in such a visceral manner. I loved to ride the carousel too.

Dr Anita Heiss said...

So you know what I mean! It truly is the most energised city in the world, especially in Summer. But Paris ain't that bad either now is it???? :)

Unknown said...

Not bad at all!