Sunday, July 18, 2010

More to be grateful for in Paris...

1. SHOPPING: It was wonderful to see SOLDES signs in all the shop windows in Paris, but as my cases were already at capacity from New York I wasn't even tempted to look at clothes or shoes or bags. I was however more than grateful that three steps out of my hotel I found a ring on sale that I had to have. The stone is Chalcedony, and for those who don’t know what it looks like, mine is the colour of egg-shell blue. Those who know me will get the meaning. It’s also the colour of the cover of my next book Paris Dreaming so I wear I’m wearing as I do final research and the edits on the novel while I’m on the road.
2. FRENCH CARRIBEAN FOOD: There’s nothing like a home-cooked meal after nearly a month on the road. It was like heaven heading fifteen minutes south of Paris and into the burbs to have a Colombo curry and Guadeloupean cocktail with Aline and Pierre. I devoured the spicy lamb dish and even the rice was heavenly. I’m going to try making the curry with kangaroo when I get home. It was a true highlight of my Parisian visit and I am grateful for the hospitality I received in their home. Poor Aline even took me back late at night on the train for fear the Aussie author might get lost! [Pic above of Aline, Pierre and I]
3. CAFES: I just love the culture of sitting in cafes facing the street and watching the world go buy as you eat bread, drink coffee and wait for the sun to set after 10pm in summer. I’m grateful for the opportunity to do it in Paris. I wished we’d pick it up in Sydney. I saw something similar in Noosa last year, but can’t remember the name of the restaurant, which I think may even be a chain. But it is very European and I love it.
4. PAIN AU CHOCOLAT: it’s puffy pastry like a croissant but square and has pieces of chocolate in it. I am grateful for whoever invented it!
5. CHAMPAGNE: It’s the real deal here and much cheaper than back home, and for that a girl should be grateful!

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