Monday, April 19, 2010

What I'm grateful for April 19...

1. CHRISTENINGS: Whether it’s babies, books or boats [because I go to a lot of boat christenings –NOT!], I’m always up for a christening. Today’s spray of bubbles was over Mum’s new fence and I’m grateful for the boys who built it! Pic is of Mark, myself and two dead bottles of Australian sparkling that otherwise would’ve gone down the drain.
2. SHARNEE FENWICK: I’m grateful for my little sista Ms Sharnee Fenwick. Check out her style here. I love her tune ‘Kiss That Boy’ and hope that one day she’ll let me be her back-up singer.
3. FRIENDS’N’MD: I’m grateful to all my friends who are taking pics of Manhattan Dreaming on their phones and sending them to me. Some are at airport shops, others in department stores, and many in Australia’s finest independent booksellers. Today’s was sent by Sharnee out shopping in Newcastle, NSW. If you see a copy in your local shop I’d love a pic for my collection, please email it to
4. MANDARINS: I’m grateful for simplicity when it comes to organising my lunch each day.
5. MY DAY: I’m simply grateful for the day I’ve had. I was far more productive than I imagined possible when I woke this morning. The bar’s high for Tuesday!


Kylie L said...

Will look for MD in the Broome bookshop!
Love the fence christening...

Dr Anita Heiss said...

Hi Kylie - thanks for dropping by. The fence christening was fun. I made a small speech also. I think we need to mark effort and hand-made achievements. :) Peace, Anita