Monday, January 4, 2010

What I’m grateful for today:

January 5:

1. My home: There’s nothing like returning home from a trip away, is there? Even the stuffiness, wilted plants and dead flies on the window sill could not taint the feeling of knowing that my own bed, bath and balcony were just that, my own. Of course, by the end of the week the feet will be itchy again…but am I mistaking athletes foot for travellers itch?
2. Generous cousins: Having been away for 10 days it was great to arrive back in Sydney to Christmas presents still arriving in the post. My cousin Bev (see gorgeous pic above of cuz and her artwork) knows me well, and earned millions of brownie points (actually if you’re brown should you get whitey points?) with a fabulous parcel she sent: dark chocolate and a bottle of Moét Chandon. That’s Mo-ET not Mo-AY as was pointed out to me by my vocab instructOR Verity James while in Perth. Cuz – you are officially my favourite! ☺
3. Oprah On-Line store: have you checked it out? It’s FABULOUS! As soon as I write the next book and get some cash flow happening I am going shopping!! Feel free to meet me there, but please, no elbowing over the last items in my size.
4. Author Dawn McCoy: I’ve just received a copy of Leadership Building Blocks: an insider’s guide to success and am looking forward to getting much needed tips from a like-minded US-based writer. The fact that I know she is a Leo and also loves to shop at Tiffany’s is of course simply an aside to her being an accomplished writer and speaker. More power to you Dawn McCoy.
5. Good news: I received some news today, some exciting news, some highly confidential news… and I am about to explode with the knowledge of it. BUT, I can’t share it with you until mid-March, so stay tuned here,or follow me on Twitter or join my fan page on Facebook … for the announcement (and others) I am VERY excited!

January 4:
1. Being pet-less: Ok, ok, we’ve all agreed that I shouldn’t get a dog, that I can’t walk a dolphin and that I’m probably not going to be good with small children either. But never was I so glad not to have a pet until I found pet hair in my underwear this morning (no, I wasn’t wearing them at the time). And yes, I know it’s called ‘fur’, whatever. I left my case open at Ledge Point and the dog the size of a horse and his sister, the Husky, left fur everywhere. Not sexy man, not happy Jan!
2.Subiaco, WA: I can’t believe I have never been to this gorgeous little place before – a community right outside the train station. I loved it. Frané and I had lunch at the Subiaco Hotel and they even let us have glasses to drink out of (we are a little naughty in public places so it’s always a risk giving us cutlery or anything that may break etc).
3. Being a Vixen: I met VJ and the other Vixen’s today and have been invited to establish the east coast branch. When I know what it is we are supposed to do (beyond eat good food and talk about the opposite sex), I’ll let you know. Taking suggestions for Sydney-based Vixens as I write.
4. My Matto Dialect: Now, I’m a proud Matraville girl. No airs and graces. Born in the burbs, probably die in the burbs. So you can correct my grammar but you’ll never really change the way I speak. But I’m grateful you care so much.
5. People who put the toilet roll on the correct way: it’s not a hard task, really. Take the empty roll off the holder and replace with new roll, with the paper rolling outwards not back towards the wall. It’s not rocket-science, really!


Verity James said...

I thought you had a problem with animals but what about all those crays you caught?? Oh thats right, you didn't - mind you that probably means you do love them! What's wrong with them? Not interesting enough - no! Not cuddly enough - no! Too much committment - maybe!? Actually you did show amazing committment by getting up IN THE DARK and going craying with our new friends. You, Dr Heiss are a legend!! WA misses you! Come back soon. VJ- your BBQ/cooking/gardening of and pronunciation instructor!

Dr Anita Heiss said...

I don't have a problem with animals as long as they don't shed fur, poo in public places or bite!! :)

I miss WA also... and looking forward to my return for Writers' Week at the end of Feb.

See you then Ms Mentor!