Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What I’m grateful for today (well the last two days):

1. Working with the students at La Perouse Public School on the follow-up to Yirra and her deadly dog, Demon. They were fabulously creative and brimming with ideas for a third book also. I was so inspired when I left their classroom.
2. Spending time with dear friend Rosie Scott – I always leave with an added sense of purpose after we’ve had a yarning session together.
3. Ticking things off my ‘to do’ list.
4. Knowing I had a crew of people arriving to do a photo-shoot. It made me seriously clean and tidy my flat.
5. The actual photoshoot at home and down North Maroubra Beach and the Pool Cafe. Working with lovely people, serious professionals, and getting to enjoy some of the fabulous weather was a bonus. Look out for the March 2010 edition of Women’s Health for a feature on yours truly. My pics were taken by the very deadly Daniel Smith
6. Dinner with Leo Princess Michelle – great company, food and Italian vino.
7. Cold Rock Ice-Cream: cheesecake with Maltesers crushed throughout.
8. My ability to be creative under pressure: I made a Christmas card for someone special who has absolutely everything and I didn’t know what to buy.
9. The beautiful pink and yellow gerberas brightening up my humble abode.
10. Cold watermelon.

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