Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Anita Heiss' Lifecoach - Geraldine Star

People are often surprised to learn I have a lifecoach. Indeed, they think I am the last person who needs one, I appear mostly, to be organised.

Lifecoaching is about goal setting, and for me, getting balance in my (at times chaotic) life.

The reality is that when I began being coached 5 years ago my life was not in order. Since starting a program with Geraldine Star @ Star Monde I have managed to:
* Reach my goal of being a full-time writer
* Eliminate from my life those tasks that I did out of a sense of obligation rather than with passion
* Resign graciously from Boards and Committees that I found burdensome and be elected to boards of organisations that bring me professional and personal joy
* Find a better balance between my work, family and social life
* Consolidate my finances
* Lose 10 kg
* and a whole list of practical outcomes not necessarily for public disclosure

I am where I am today because I am self-motivated and passionate about what I do. And I am a workaholic. But I am also here because Geraldine Star taught me how to reach the goals I set for myself on a regular basis.

If you want to reach your full potential then I recommend Geraldine Star as a guiding light on your path to a successful life.

Check out Star Monde at:

Welcome to Star Monde Communications
Coaching, communications, collaboration for a changing world

At Star Monde we work with people in the world of change – helping people and organisations to make a difference. We specialise in change management and collaborate with people, businesses and Government organisations. We are committed to innovative and integrated approaches that get results.

We encourage and inspire people to develop their unique potential, personally and professionally, through our coaching. People are challenged to create a vision and work towards transforming this vision into reality with support and care, whether it is personal coaching for individuals; or executive, leadership or team coaching for workplaces.

We help organisations to maximize their communications and development potential. We focus on the overall purpose, the messages to target audiences both internally and externally; the implementation of strategy and the achievement of objectives through our writing and communication strategies.

We collaborate with organisations to identify needs, whether it is by facilitating workshops for staff or stakeholders to explore issues, or through training designed to build skills or implement new ways of working.

We respect the people we work with and their requirements. Flexibility and integrity are the cornerstones of our work. We work on building and sustaining relationships to align management and staff to achieve positive outcomes.

Our projects require wisdom and discernment as they lead to significant change personally and professionally, to achieve desired outcomes we give of our best.

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